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Hot Topics in Pain Management October 2017

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19 Hot Topics in Pain Management [October 2017] News & Trends Exploring pain management in the media A FRESH LOOK AT OPIOID ANTAGONISTS IN CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT Physicians are beginning to cut down on the amount of opioid prescriptions to treat chronic pain, as opioid antagonists, such as naltrexone and naloxone, are growing in popularity. * More information ADDRESSING CHRONIC PAIN IN THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES Chronic pain is a continuous issue for the Veterans Administration (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) as they battle with treating pain resulting from injuries while serving in the military. Surveys of veterans found that 44 percent of deployed soldiers had chronic pain. * More information INTEGRATIVE PAIN CARE: WHEN AND HOW TO PRESCRIBE Robert Alan Bonakdar, MD, the director of pain management at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego, California, discusses which forms of integrative pain management are best for treating a variety of different conditions. * More information OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER AND CHRONIC PAIN The relationship between chronic pain and obsessive-compulsive disorder is still being researched, but possible signs of which physicians be aware are patients stockpiling opioids to make sure they always have a future supply, and associating a compulsive behavior with obsessive thoughts of pain. * More information "A CALL FOR CHANGE" CAMPAIGN ADDRESSES GREATEST PAIN MANAGEMENT ISSUES—5 TAKEAWAYS The new campaign focuses on the opioid epidemic in the United States and the issue with cutting back opioid prescriptions too much. The campaign notes that many patients use opioids appropriately for chronic pain. * More information HOLLYWOG LAUNCHES SMARTPHONE-CONTROLLED PAIN MANAGEMENT WEARABLE This wearable device is available over the counter for $49.95 to consumers with lower back pain. The device has four different relief programs, 15 levels of intensity, and can be controlled with a smartphone. * More information PAIN MANAGEMENT IN RHEUMATOLOGY RESEARCH, TRAINING, AND PRACTICE Since the Pain Management Task Force of the American College of Rheumatology published a report back in 2010 about pain management, some rheumatologists have struggled with how to treat people's chronic pain without prescribing opioids. * More information MUST-HAVE DEVICES FOR YOUR PAIN PRACTICE The popularity of medical device technology has surged in recent months, highlighted by a series of alternative forms of pain management, such as extracorporeal shockwave therapy. * More information CHRONIC PAIN MANAGEMENT IN PATIENTS WITH HIV: NEW GUIDELINES The HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America released a new set of recommendations for treating chronic pain in patients with HIV, suggesting cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, and physical therapy as part of the treatment plan. * More information ESTABLISHING AN ACUTE PAIN MEDICINE PROGRAM THAT ADDS VALUE The addition of regional anesthesia techniques to an acute pain management program can result in improved postoperative pain control, faster recovery, and higher patient satisfaction, according to recent research. * More information Click * at the end of each summary to access the full news item online.

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