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Hot Topics in Drug Development Apr 2016

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Hot Topics in Drug Development [April 2016] 9 existing new alternative to animal t esting, were recently discussed in a presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Washington, DC. * Read more here: 02/19/researchers-of-parkinsons-other- neurological-diseases-say-mini-brains- may-be-effective-in-testing-new-drugs/ LARGE-SCALE MACHINE LEARNING FOR DRUG DISCOVERY In collaboration with the Pande Lab at Stanford University, Google Research released a paper titled "Massively Multitask Networks for Drug Discovery", investigating how data from a variety of sources can be used to improve the accuracy of determining which chemical compounds would be effective drug treatments for a variety of diseases. In particular, we carefully quantified how the amount and diversity of screening data from a variety of diseases with very different biological processes can be used to improve the virtual drug screening predictions. * Read more here: 5/03/large-scale-machine-learning-for- drug.html QUINTILES: INNOVATION AND INTEGRATION DRIVES APPLE RESEARCHKIT INPUT Quintiles will provide its open source code to tech giant Apple's ResearchKit framework to help create more efficient and integrated clinical trial apps. * Read more here: 2015/whole-exome-sequencing- children-epilepsy- diagnosis/article/457364/ BIG PHARMA EYES IPHONE FOR DRUG R&D Pharmaceutical giants like GlaxoSmithKline and Purdue Pharma want to use Apple's open source R esearchKit platform for gathering medical research data via the iPhone. * Read more here: mlee/big-pharma-eyes-apples- researchkit-for-drug- development#.yqn1J2XV4 IBM WATSON, GOOGLE FORGE NEW MODELS FOR PHARMA DEVELOPMENT Partnerships are a mainstay in drug development, but the pharmaceutical industry is entering into a new era of innovation as it forges new models with non- traditional players and emerging technologies. So what might be in store for the industry? DCAT Value Chain Insights (VCI) looks at new models in R&D and the potential impact on the industry. * Read more here: -van-arnum/2015/09/15/ibm-watson- google-forge-new-models-for- pharma-development#.Vwaczj9zLqR HYPE OR HIGH-TECH GAIN? FIRST DRUG PRODUCED BY 3-D PRINTING LAUNCHED 3-D printing is a technology being developed across several industries, but how viable a technology is it for the pharmaceutical industry? Placed in the broader field of adaptive manufacturing, 3-D printing is seen as tool in pharmaceutical research and in related fields, such as medical devices, but is it the wave of the future for the manufacturing of drug substances or drug products? DCAT Value Chain Insights (VCI) examines potential applications. * Read more here: -van-arnum/2016/03/29/first-drug- produced-by-3-d-printing- launched#.Vv12wxMrLdQ INDUSTRY AND ACADEMIC LEADERS COLLABORATE TO LAUNCH NEW PUBLISHING PLATFORM TO IMPROVE THE REPRODUCIBILITY OF PRECLINICAL RESEARCH F1000Research will launch a new publishing channel that will encourage and facilitate open and transparent publication and discussion of confirmatory and non-confirmatory studies in the biomedical research sector. * Read more here: w/43687/industry-and-academic- leaders-collaborate-to-launch-new- publishing-platform-to-improve-the- reproducibility-of-preclinical-research/ TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES ARE RACING TO TRACK PATIENTS' BEHAVIOR IN REAL TIME More than two dozen companies are racing to develop digital technology to keep tabs on patients in real time: monitoring their vital signs, getting them to take their pills, even releasing medication into their body as needed. The payoff for success will be twofold: possibly huge profits and access to a lucrative new trove of personal data. * Read more here: patients-drug-delivery-technology/ IN THE NEWS IN THE NEWS

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