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Hot Topics in Drug Development Apr 2016

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Hot Topics in Drug Development [April 2016] 8 Click * at the end of each summary to access the full news item online. PATIENTS WILLING TO SHARE RESEARCH DATA As debate swirls about a recent Institute of Medicine report suggesting that electronic health records collect more non-clinical patient data for population health research, a new poll suggest patients are mostly willing to offer access to anonymized health information – to an extent. * Read more here: s/patients-willing-share-research-data MICROSOFT CO-FOUNDER COMMITS $100M TO EARLY-STAGE RESEARCH AT INTERSECTION OF IT AND BIOLOGY Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft has committed $100 million to create The Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group, an early-stage bioscience fund. And, in keeping with Allen's background and other forays into bioscience, the fund's initial investments in macrophage modeling and other fields have a computational slant. * Read more here: microsoft-co-founder-commits-100m- early-stage-research-intersection-it- and/2016-03-28?utm_content= bufferd9ca2&utm_medium=social&ut gn=buffer CALIFF SEEKS CLINICAL TRIALS THAT INFORM PRODUCT LABELS Newly confirmed FDA Commissioner Robert Califf has long advocated for a "learning healthcare system" that supports clinical research by tapping electronic health records to facilitate clinical trial enrollment and provide ongoing information on the effects and side-effects of therapies in real-world use. Now at the helm of FDA, Califf has a ready platform to discuss such strategies for improving clinical trial methodology, execution and evaluation as part of the larger goal of developing more innovative treatments for patients. * Read more here: seeks-clinical-trials-inform-product- labels- 0?utm_content=buffer748bb&utm_me dium=social& m&utm_campaign=buffer EUROPE LAUNCHES PROGRAM FOR FASTER DRUG APPROVALS The European Medicines Agency (EMA) launched a new initiative recently called PRIME, which is designed to help expedite the regulatory process for drug makers working on promising medications for rare diseases. * Read more here: europe-launches-program-faster-drug- approvals?utm_content= buffera7bc9&utm_medium=social&ut n=buffer SURVEY: NEED FOR INCREASED CONSUMER CLINICAL TRIALS EDUCATION SubjectWell, provider of a risk-free patient recruitment marketplace for clinical trials, has released its report on consumer perceptions of clinical trials. The SubjectWell Survey of Clinical Trial Awareness and Attitudes reveals significant education is still needed around the existence of clinical trials. Half of those surveyed (50%) had never heard of clinical trials, and only 31% felt confident or very confident that they would know how to get information about clinical trials. * Read more here: online/2016/03/02/25719/?utm_content =bufferc91ea&utm_medium=social&ut n=buffer RESEARCHERS OF ALZHEIMER'S, OTHER NEUROLOGICAL DISEASES SAY 'MINI-BRAINS' MAY BE EFFECTIVE IN TESTING NEW DRUGS Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have developed "mini-brains" that may present a more accurate and effective way of testing new drugs for many neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease. These human cell- derived structures, which represent an In the News Exploring Drug Development in the Media

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