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Hot Topics in Drug Development Apr 2016

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HEAD OF MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTE LEAVING FOR GOOGLE LIFE SCIENCES In this New York Times article, Benedict Cary explores the impact Dr. Thomas R. Insel's departure from the National Institute of Mental Health after a13-year tenure to join Google Life Sciences will have on behaviorial sciences in the US. * Read more here: tom-insel-national-institute-of-mental- health-resign.html?_r=1 IN ITS FIRST YEAR, HAS APPLE'S RESEARCHKIT REVOLUTIONIZED MEDICAL RESEARCH? Here, in a Fast Company article, Christina Farr discusses Apple's recently launched initiative ResearchKit, its first service for medical researchers to develop iPhone-based studies. These apps are currently being used to study a variety of ailments, including diabetes, breast cancer, asthma, and heart disease. ResearchKit, an open-source framework, is primarily intended for use by developers at major academic hospitals and universities to help make patient recruitment for clinical trials easier and cheaper. Ms. Farr interviews developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to find out whether Apple's much-hyped ResearchKit has lived up to its promise of revolutionizing medical research. * Read more here: its-first-year-has-apples-researchkit- revolutionized-medical- research?utm_content=bufferb4b5b&utm_ medium=social& utm_campaign=buffer 23andME TECH BRINGS GENETIC DATA TO APPLE RESEARCHKIT STUDIES According to FierceBiotech, the makers of the genetic spit test, 23andMe, have moved to integrate the genetic data they generate from these tests into studies run on Apple's ($AAPL) ResearchKit framework. The move, which takes the form of a ResearchKit module, is intended to enable 23andMe customers to contribute their results to research programs, while also making it easier for the organizers of studies to generate genetic data. * Read more here: ndme-tech-brings-genetic-data-apple- researchkit-studies/2016-03- 28?utm_content=bufferf3868&utm_medi um=social& m_campaign=buffer WHAT IS PERSONALIZED MEDICINE? Personalize medicine is changing the world of healthcare. This article by Dawn McMullen, published in Genome, tells you what you need to know about the personalized medicine movement fueled by genomic testing and tailored treatment--Certainly this will have a huge impact on how drugs are developed. * Read more here: personalized-medicine/#.Vv6pBj9zLqS ACADEMIA AND INDUSTRY DO NOT NEED TO BE AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER Here, David Shaywitz via Forbes Magazine tackles the pervasive negative publicity pharma companies have been getting lately in the media, and describes the vital role these companies play in translating fragile but promising scientific ideas into robust medicines for patients. According to Mr. Shaywitz, "We should encourage innovative partnerships that bridge the translational divide, and inspire more journalists to capture the value of this difficult and ambitious mission." * Read more here: z/2016/04/04/the-vital-role-of-industry-in- crossing-the-translational- divide/?utm_content=buffer2c1ca&utm_ medium=social& &utm_campaign=buffer#7b20c7f2287f DATA QUALITY MONITORING IN CLINICAL TRIALS: HAS IT BEEN WORTH IT? AN EVALUATION AND PREDICTION OF THE FUTURE BY ALL STAKEHOLDERS This paper summarizes the results of the CNS Summit Data Quality Monitoring Workgroup analysis of current data quality monitoring techniques used in central nervous system (CNS) clinical trials. Perspectives of pharmaceutical companies and trial sites regarding data quality monitoring are presented. Potential future developments in CNS data quality monitoring are described. * Read more here: monitoring-in-clinical-trials-has-it-been- worth-it-an-evaluation-and-prediction-of- the-future-by-all-stakeholders/ Hot Topics in Drug Development [April 2016] 7

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