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ISCTM Supplement 2015

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IN THIS ISSUE Translational and Early Phase Strategies for Treatment Development: Report of ISCTM Autumn 2013 Symposium by by Jared W. Young, PhD; William Z. Potter, MD, PhD; Steve Riley, PharmD, PhD; Geert J. Groeneveld, MD, PhD; Bruce J. Kinon, MD; Mike F. Egan, MD; and Douglas E. Feltner, MD Lessons Learned and Potentials for Improvement in CNS Drug Development: ISCTM Section on Designing the Right Series of Experiments by Steven T. Szabo, MD, PhD; Bruce J. Kinon, MD; Stephen K. Brannan, MD; Andrew K. Krystal, MD, MSc; Joop M. A. van Gerven, MD, PhD; Atul Mahableshwarkar, MD; and Gary S. Sachs, MD Taking Personalized Medicine Seriously: Biomarker Approaches in Phase IIb/III Studies in Major Depression and Schizophrenia by Harald Murck, MD, PhD; Thomas Laughren, MD; Femke Lamers, PhD; Rosalind Picard, ScD; Sebastian Walther, MD; Donald Goff, MD; and Stephen Sainati, MD, PhD VOLUME 12 • NUMBER 3–4 MARCH–APRIL 2015 • SUPPLEMENT A A SUPPLEMENT TO THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR CNS CLINICAL TRIALS AND METHODOLOGY

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