Innovations In Clinical Neuroscience

CNS Summit 2016

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Future Focused Facilitated Networking Compelling Program Collaborative and Precompetitive Action Oriented CNS SUMMI T 2017 November 16 - 19, Boca Raton, Florida The CNS SummitLVDFRPPXQLW\SDVVLRQDWHDERXWPDNLQJDGLHUHQFHDQGVKDSLQJWKHIXWXUH Collaborating for Novel Solutions "9HU\LQQRYDWLYHDQGIRUZDUGWKLQNLQJȊ ȋ%HVWPHHWLQJIRUGHYHORSLQJVWUDWHJLHVIRUWKH FOLQLFDOWULDOVRIWKHIXWXUHȊ "It's a precompetitive space where we solve issues WKDWUHTXLUHDOOWKHSOD\HUVDWWKHWDEOHȊ ȋΖȇYHVHHQLWPDNHDGLHUHQFHȊ Register Ior the CNS Summit using the code ICNS2017 Ior $100 o your registration! FRULQIRUPDWLRQDQGWRUHJLVWHU &RQWDFWXVDW Connect with us on

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