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Pain Management August 2016

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Hot Topics in Pain Management [August 2016] 28 a currently accepted medical use." * F or more information, visit /alex-grubbs/dea-declines-request- reclassify-marijuana-citiing-its-high- potential-abuse NEUROSURGERY MAKES PAIN MANAGEMENT CURRICULAR BREAKTHROUGHS Leaders in neurosurgery have taken a hands-on approach to training residents with an eye toward filling knowledge and skill gaps—one such gap is pain management. * For more information, wire/post/neurosurgery-pain- management-curricular- breakthroughs NEW RESEARCH ANALYSIS INDICATES MASSAGE THERAPY SHOWS PROMISE FOR PAIN & ANXIETY IN CANCER PATIENTS Based on the evidence, massage therapy shows promise for reducing pain intensity/severity, fatigue, and anxiety in cancer populations compared to the active comparators evaluated in a new systematic review. * For more information, releases/new-research-analysis- indicates-massage-therapy-shows- promise-for-pain--anxiety-in-cancer- patients-300314735.html RESISTANCE TRAINING MAY HELP FIBROMYALGIA People with fibromyalgia generally complain of fatigue but a new study shows resistance training may help. * For more information, lth-News/Fibromyalgia-resistance- training- fatigue/2016/08/12/id/743419/ SCIENTISTS TARGET BRAIN CELLS TO ALLEVIATE NEUROPATHIC PAIN Scientists at Rutgers University think that targeting brain cells that are supposed to provide immunity, but in some cases, do the opposite may cause chronic pain that can last a lifetime. * For more information, sts-target-brain-cells-to-alleviate- neuropathic-pain-8831186.html VEXING QUESTION ON PATIENT SURVEYS: DID WE EASE YOUR PAIN? The questionnaire arrives in the mail a few days after a patient's discharge from the hospital. Did doctors treat you respectfully? Was your bathroom kept clean? Most of the queries seem mundane, but a backlash has been growing against one: Did staff members do everything they could for your pain? * For more information, health/pain-treatment-hospitals- emergency-rooms-surveys.html?_r=0 INSTEAD OF PAINKILLERS, SOME DOCTORS ARE PRESCRIBING VIRTUAL REALITY Virtual reality therapy may be medicine's newest frontier, as VR devices become better and cheaper * For more information, ovation/instead-painkillers-some- doctors-are-prescribing-virtual- reality- 180959866/#Bwg8ktBAj9esZxut.99 SEDENTARY BEHAVIOR LINKED TO CHRONIC PAIN IN CHILDREN Cardiorespiratory fitness, sedentary behavior, and low body fat content have been linked to an increased likelihood of numerous pain conditions in prepubertal children, according to research p ublished in the Journal of Pain. * For more information, management-information- center/sedentary-behavior-linked-to- chronic-pain-in- children/article/514831/ CANCER PATIENTS SHOULDN'T FEAR FENTANYL, A TRULY USEFUL DRUG FOR SEVERE PAIN Some drugs that are misused for recreational purposes derive from important therapeutics that were originally developed to reduce pain and suffering. * For more information, ll/2016/07/31/cancer-patients- shouldnt-fear-fentanyl-a-truly-useful- drug-for-severe-pain/#75f46a4713aa OPIOID-NAIVE PATIENTS AT LOW RISK OF OPIOID RELIANCE AFTER SURGERY Most opioid-naive patients were able to get off opioid medications within 1 year following major surgery, according to a new study. * For more information, http://www.practicalpainmanagemen research/opioid-naive-patients-low- risk-opioid-reliance-after-surgery PAIN LEVEL IS A PREDICTOR FOR OPIOID ADDICTION There are many known risk factors for addiction. According to new research, having moderate to severe pain may be one of them. * For more information, http://www.practicalpainmanagemen research/pain-level-predictor-opioid- addiction NEWS & TRENDS

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