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Pain Management August 2016

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Hot Topics in Pain Management [August 2016] 11 There were about 9,000 patients with lung cancer received treatment during 2010 to 2014 in current database. The selection resulted in a pool of cancer patients enriched with those who were diagnosed as Phase III or Phase IV lung cancer during their first visit. Because of the unfortunate late diagnosis, these patients already suffered from moderate to severe pain (over level 5 as assessed by NCCN guideline) and required opioids as pain-killer, but they had not received surgery, radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or additional treatments for cancer- related syndrome. Totally 282 patients, 78 female and 204 male patients, were selected for further analysis. Collected records have normal distribution on cholesterol level. The clinical records of 282 patients were listed in Additional file 1: Table S1 because of the large file size. The heights and weights were used to calculate the body mass indexes (BMIs). Information on age, serum total cholesterol level, and opioid administration were also listed for further analysis. After collecting all the necessary information, the distributions of patients on age and serum total cholesterol level were determined. As indicated in Fig. 1a, most female patients, 69 out 78 patients, were between 41 and 75 years old, and most male patients, 176 out of 204 patients were between 46 and 75 years old. Most of patients have serum total cholesterol levels around 4.75 mmol/L, and female patients have slightly higher average cholesterol level than male (Fig. 1b). Such distribution is similar to that of Chinese population in 2012 [23]. In summary, 78 female patients have maximum cholesterol level at 7.66 mmol/L, minimal at 2.66 mmol/L, and

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